29 May 2024

Are You Thinking About Christmas?

Yes, I know it’s only May but if you are wanting a fabulous Christmas party this year, you really need to be thinking about it now! I have received a number of enquiries with many festive get togethers now being booked and signed off. Here’s a few reasons why you should be thinking about yours:

The Venue

The great venues are getting booked up, and quickly! There are many venues out there, but there are some really exceptional ones that can ensure your Christmas party has the wow factor. And that’s not only in how they look but their service and attention to detail in bringing your event to life.

Big factors to consider when looking for the perfect venue: location, accessibility, sustainability credentials, cost, cancellation policy, sign off process and timelines.

Planning time

For many people, the Christmas get together isn’t just about piling your team into a space and plying them with food and booze (even though, of course there’s a space for that – it is Christmas after all!). These days, there is a lot more thought going into the celebration and how to reward and look after people, or perhaps impress clients. So, this needs time for planning and preparation. For example, will you be having entertainers? This will need to be considered in terms of how that will work. Other ideas include the presentation of awards, a quiz or a team building activity of some description.

Big factors to consider when planning: create a timeline for the event and look at gaps and opportunities. Think about what would make the event stand out and what external activity or inclusion would work. Make sure you communicate your thoughts to your suppliers and venue.

Something special

I talk a lot about the rise in hosting retreats with leaders opting for these to incorporate work and self-care for their teams. There are some incredible venues that are ideal for retreats that really go above and beyond. That saying, your Christmas celebrations should be bespoke to your company / brand and what you want to achieve. Is it a reward for the hard work all year or is it an opportunity to come together, team build and celebrate – or all of the above? Or is it a gift for your team to go and enjoy together, for example?

Big factors to consider if thinking about a retreat: location and getting to and from it, time away if you are considering a few days, an agenda for the days, factoring in everyone and their needs (eg, drinking / not drinking) to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Christmas events really allow the imagination to run wild, so I strongly urge you to give yourself the space to do this and if you need help, please do get in touch to have a chat about your event together – we can come up with ideas specifically in line with your goals for your celebrations this year.

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