6 November 2023

What’s Big in Events for 2024?

There are some clear trends emerging for 2024 that all event professionals will be thinking hard about. I will be consistently speaking to friends and colleagues in the industry to ensure I am abreast of all expectations and demands from people who attend events to make sure I am putting on the best events I possibly can. The events world is ever evolving, which is why it is so exciting, and there are always emerging trends and demands coming about. Below, I’m going to talk about my top trends for next year and their impact on our industry:

Sustainability, accessibility, inclusion and diversity are non-negotiable

These four pillars are the crux of any event! For me, I will only work with suppliers, venues, entertainment and staff who uphold the same values in this space as me. There is simply no excuse not to be relevant in these areas and to make sure your offer is as sustainable, accessible, inclusive and diverse as possible.

Personal attendee experience

There is a growing trend for individuals to have a more bespoke experience at events, which I believe comes down to a personal touch. This could be something as simple as a hand-written note waiting for you in your hotel room (something I have experienced and is quite lovely!) to a dedicated agenda in line with your needs and interests. Making someone feel valued as an individual compared to a blanket approach can work wonders for engagement and overall experience so it’s always something to be considered.

The importance of mental wellbeing

For 2024, there is a huge focus on promoting emotional wellbeing for all attendees and making sure their needs are understood and met. This may include spaces at events for neurodiverse attendees or having sessions covering mindfulness and providing wellbeing and wellness activities, such as yoga and wild swimming. I have seen a significant rise in retreats, which is hugely appealing to a lot of people as it allows teams to relax and recharge as well as work in often stunning locations.

Local is key!

A very important thing for me is supporting and promoting local businesses and I am proud to have always done that in my business. This ethos is also shared with a lot of people hosting events. In both the private and corporate worlds, there is a great want to use local suppliers and support businesses in their area. This is a fantastic thing to see as it allows these often-small businesses to be seen and elevated and allows the event host to be able to talk about their desire to support their local area.

The rise of ROX

If you haven’t heard this term, it means Return on Experience. When clients hire me to organise and plan their event, they are looking for a return on their investment as well as a return on the experience! they are also looking for this. They want their guests to have a memorable experience, to make connections and to feel positive during and after the event. It is all about emotions and feeling and if you can curate that magic, you have cracked it!

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