21 August 2023

Hosting A Dazzling Awards Ceremony

I was recently tasked with organising an awards ceremony for a client which I am very happy to say went brilliantly! Although an event, an awards ceremony is a whole different world, so there was a lot (and I mean a lot!) of planning in order to make it truly memorable (for all the right reasons!) for the attendees.

Award ceremonies are a big deal. It offers a chance to celebrate individual success, team wins, hard work and can be an emotional affair, especially after the last few years we’ve had.

A lot more businesses and entrepreneurs are entering awards, and many are hosting their own – here are a few of my top tips on how to make your awards ceremony stand out:

  • What is your why? By this, I mean what are your objectives for hosting an award ceremony? Is it an internal thank you and celebration or a bigger affair? What is the message you are trying to convey by hosting it? What do you want people to experience and feel? Give this a good deal of thinking time as if you get this right, the rest will smoothly follow.


  • Once you have decided on what the awards are going to be and why, it’s time to get planning. First thing first – the venue. This sets the tone for the whole event. Depending on the size of the event, you need to get sorted with a venue as soon as possible as, understandably, all the great ones go quickly. If this is a new world to you, it really is worth investing in a venue finding service for this stage as they will have knowledge and access to the best venues in line with your needs – perhaps I can help you with this?


  • Venue considerations. Things to think about: location – is it easy to get to? Is there parking or public transport options? Accessibility – does it tick all the accessibility needs? Sustainability – ask for their credentials before you book and check they are aligned with yours.


  • Set-up. Another big factor to consider is what you need in set up. For example, is there a stage there or do you need to build one? What is the AV set up – do you need external support? Is there in-house catering or do you need an external supplier?


  • Never forget budget. When planning, it can be easy to let costs escalate (especially when there are additional requirements) so make sure you are strict on budget and on top of all costs throughout the process.


  • Theme of event. When you are happy with the venue, it’s time to get the creative juices flowing and think of a theme. This could be personal to the client, seasonal or a general theme. This theme can leave a lasting impression – from the invitations to the menu, marketing collateral, décor and style of awards as well as the marketing before and throughout.


  • Don’t forget lighting. Lighting can completely change the look, feel and atmosphere of a room so choose carefully and consider the wider context of your event. If the room has natural daylight, this may cause challenges with a lighting scheme during light summer evenings. Try and weave it into your theme where possible!


  • A charismatic host. This is crucial – if you have a boring host, you’ll have a boring event so think wisely about who this is. The head of the company might be in charge, but can they carry a whole event? Look at the external opportunities of who could really bring it to life.

Always remember your awards ceremony is a big investment and should be an authentic, inclusive celebration of talent.

The Dazzle is in the Detail!

Consider how to make the event inclusive for everyone and hold their attention – plus ones, suppliers, clients, prospects or press

  • Leave a lasting impression with memorable touches like personalised gifts or sustainable goody bags, brilliant entertainment, amazing catering (with all dietary requirements covered), and excellent service
  • Your ultimate goal is to ensure that every person in the room leaves with the warm glow of having been part of a fantastic, unique, and celebratory event.

If you need any help organising your awards event, I would love to hear from you – please do get in touch!



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