18 May 2023

Summer Trends

The sun is out, and it feels like, finally, summer is here! And with that, people are well underway planning their summer parties, whether that be with family and friends or colleagues.

I am working on some fabulous summer parties at the moment, and what I have noticed is the level of care the client is taking in how the event makes the attendees feel and experience. This is especially relevant in the corporate world as post-Covid there is a real need to bring people together, but this has its challenges. People are often working in a hybrid model and don’t see each other as much or as regularly as they used to. They are perhaps not interacting and collaborating as much and just don’t know each other as well. The post-work drinks culture has dwindled, the having a catch up making a cuppa is not as accessible, and for new starters especially, this can be tough.

So, this means that the summer party is a big deal as it’s not only an opportunity for the staff to be thanked and rewarded, but it’s a great opportunity for them to mix, mingle and get to know each other. I am seeing a trend in activity-based parties, so not just offering drinks and food but something to unite the people there. Such things as workshops or gaming (Jenga, giant Connect 4 or chess) are popular as this allows the more introverted people to take part and get to know others in a safer capacity and gives opportunity for everyone to join in equally.

We all have that time when it was really uncomfortable or felt awkward at an event and my job is to do everything I can to work with my client to avoid that by having things in place that can bring people together.

As I mentioned, games are big news – think of a sports day but with booze and laughter – and can be such a brilliant ice breaker watching the CEO do an egg and spoon race! Alongside this, awards are popular and give people a chance to recognise what others do and celebrate the wins and get some tongue-in-cheek awards on the go too!

The weather is always a factor and we can never rely on a sunny day, so I always make sure a lot of the activities can be done inside or we have a good contingency plan in place (read my blog on that here)! Venues that offer both inside and outside space are always great and for those that can, full and exclusive hire always works so well as it gives free reign and opportunity for guests to really bed in for the day, and often night!

As with all my events, sustainability is an important element and I ensure I always have an eye on making the event as sustainable as possible – eliminating any unnecessary waste as much as I can and using like-minded suppliers and venues.

Are you planning a summer party and could do with a helping hand? Do get in touch if I can help!

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