3 May 2023

Coronation Celebration

Are you getting excited about Coronation, or avoiding it altogether? Whatever your stance, there’s no denying that this is an incredible event of an international scale with all eyes on London this weekend. I will be watching it all very much in awe of what the people who have organised it have managed to pull off.

There is nothing quite like a British event – with all its pomp and ceremony and it will be an incredible watch from a logistics point of view. I imagine there are a few sleepless nights going on from the people in charge!

There are a lot of challenges in the UK at the moment so having an opportunity to come together, toast tradition and celebrate I feel is a welcome one and I am loving seeing towns and villages transforming with bunting, decoration, re-naming businesses and gearing up for the celebrations.

This is a fabulous time for business owners with the influx of tourists, all wanting to experience that piece of British magic, and I really hope we see a boost to the economy because of it. I urge you to take full advantage and have a think about how you can really stand out with your décor, re-naming products perhaps or having a special offer for the weekend? People love a keepsake and something that marks this moment in history so if you are a business owner, have a think what you could offer.

I myself am not organising a party (having a break!), but I know a lot of people are and I hope you have a fabulous time! And let’s hope the weather is kind too. If you are a host, here are a few tips to make your party the best ever!

Know your timings

Sounds silly but find out what time the actual coronation is happening as you don’t want you and your guests to miss it!

Theme within a theme

Yes, of course the coronation is the theme, but can you do more than the red, white a blue? A coronation punch perhaps or little keepsakes for your guests. A lovely idea is getting a polaroid camera for people to take a photo of them as a souvenir, with the time and date on it.

Make sure you have enough soft drinks!

I love the Brits, but we can get a bit carried away at a party so make sure you have enough non-alcoholic options if people get a little giddy!

Remember the British weather!

If you are hosting outside, make sure you have enough room inside if the weather turns.

Guest care

If you are having an elderly relative or friend join you, maybe allocate one of your team to look after them as in the celebrations you don’t want them not to be looked after.


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