2 February 2023

Setting Intentions

The last few years have been a bit of a rollercoaster to say the least with 2021 a real struggle in the events industry due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, so last year was spent catching up and delivering events at full pelt to make up for lost time and revenue!

This, however, does have an impact, and so I know I don’t want 2023 to leave me feeling as frazzled. Hopefully I have now got myself back on an even keel from the pandemic. So, when the invite to my friend’s wedding in Australia arrived for early January this year, I took it as a sign of starting the year in the best possible way. And I was not wrong.

Me of old would have thought it too risky or I would be un-committed to take a few weeks out at the beginning of a new year, but this year, I knew my business was in a good shape, plans were well underway for events and for me to go into the year in the best possible way, I needed to take this amazing opportunity. And, luckily, I could combine it with some work as there were some venues I wanted to visit for research purposes. Win/win.

I can’t express how valuable that time was for me. To have the sun on my face and be with my precious friend during her most magical time was wonderful and I am so glad I didn’t miss it. Being in Adelaide and visiting the surrounding countryside, vineyards and beaches afforded me time to regroup, think and get really excited about the year ahead. I have to say, I have come back full of vigour and I am raring to go.

The wedding was stunning – a beautiful Bridgerton themed event – and being by my friend’s side was priceless.

And my mental health and business are all the better for it.

This is a big learning for me to make sure I start each year well. I would utterly love to start every year in Australia (you never know!), but I know I now need to ease in as much as possible. Especially as the years are busy. I need to start the year as I mean to go on and setting intentions is paramount for success, I feel.

2023 has already kicked off with a fabulous clients’ networking event in the beautiful Conservatory at The Barbican, which was wonderful. I have also received numerous venue finding and event enquiries already, so 2023 is looking bright and positive!

Do you set intentions? How does it work for you?

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