22 June 2022

The Greatness of Glamping

Are you a glamper? The rise in popularity of glamping has been incredible, and it is definitely not limited to those wanting a bit of luxury at a festival anymore. Glamping is a viable option to add space, capacity and a fantastic dimension to an event.

A recent corporate retreat I organised at Wasing Park proved how invaluable glamping is. It not only offered guests a great experience and luxury but as an events planner, crucially, allowed for more bedroom space!! This can be a real game changer for venues to offer higher capacity events.

Glamping is a treat and offers people the excitement of camping and the fun that goes with that, but includes those luxuries that are super appreciated in a field: a bed, mirror, duvet, table! Gone are the days of crouching in a tent with a shoddy compact trying to put your mascara on!

The glamping industry is booming (the global glamping market size was valued at USD 2.35 billion in 2021!) and alongside the home-from-home luxuries, glamping companies are seeing the potential as an incredible add on to existing venues – especially ones with grounds! Gone are the days where capacity is just how many bedrooms a place has, there is now the opportunity for glamping companies to swoop in and accommodate a lot more people, meaning venues are able to attract larger audiences, and therefore larger ticket prices. A win / win.

Glamping is definitely feeling more the norm with many people opting for it over traditional camping, especially in the over 30s where there is more disposable income. People are wanting that added comfort in the great outdoors and who can blame them.

Getting your gang together for a glamping holiday can be incredible and with companies now offering add-ons such as classes and lessons (eg yoga, axe throwing, foraging etc), it can be a fabulous experience for all. In the corporate world, leaders are seeing the benefits of glamping for retreats and away days, much like at Wasing Park, where they could sauna and swim in the lake and head back to their glamping site!

It would have arguably been a step too far to suggest a corporate away day in a traditional camping field with the shared loo and shower, but with glamping taking the edge off, people are definitely exploring it more.

Do let me know your experiences – are you a glamper? Or just glamping curious?

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