24 May 2022

The Wow Factor

Have you ever been to an event and the venue was just spectacular? I was lucky enough to work on two events in one week at The Natural History Museum recently and the space was just incredible. Being in such an iconic building immediately set the tone for what were hugely memorable events and allowed people to have the wow factor and that air of exclusivity that they were privy to be in that space at that time.

Wow factors are big in the events world and creating them through magic touches is what I love doing the most. Of course, not many of us have the budget to host our event at The Natural History Museum, but there are definitely things you can do for your event to create the wow factor.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Think about every sense:

I talk a lot about sensory elements in events, but it really is worth considering what your guests are experiencing. Often people are focussing on what an event will look like that they sometimes forget to ask what it will smell like, feel like sound like. By being in tune with all senses really can give the wow factor and can add that further dimension.

Little touches:

As they say, the devil is in the detail and the smallest of things can create a wow factor. For example, is the seating plan really thought out in line with who you feel would have the best conversations and connections? Could you add a small surprise that guests weren’t expecting which will be hugely memorable? Is there a takeaway you can give them to remember the event?

Drink & Food:

Let’s be fair, most people remember what they ate and drank at an event and whether it was any good or not. Try and make sure your menu is tailored to your guests as much as possible and offer the best tasting experiences you can. Could you do something specific to the theme that will be memorable?

Give opportunity to wow

By this I mean make sure there are spaces for people to showcase where they are and why. Give them a reason to show off, especially on social media. Are there any props you could have to aid this or a specifically dressed area? Could you have someone manning that space to create a sense of exclusivity?

Be really clear on your goal

Wow factors, I feel, are often generated most when events are really clear on their purpose. Events that have a clear objective in mind and everything is built to achieve that are often the most memorable and magical. If you are wanting to celebrate a certain occasion, try and make sure everything is driving towards that, or if it is to reward staff, make sure that each element drives to that.

Wow factors can’t be bought but they can be created so if you would like some help creating yours, do get in touch.

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