19 April 2022

Top Tips For Hosting a Garden Party

Isn’t it wonderful that Spring has sprung and finally we can start enjoying outside events? We are busily organising a variety of private and corporate events ranging from garden parties and al fresco drinks get togethers to private suppers and talks on some beautiful terraces.

There are a few things to think about when hosting an outside event to make yours go with a swing – here are my top tips.

Check the requirements for the space

If you are wanting to host an event in a public space, there may be restrictions and permits needed. Often there are beautiful public squares that you can use but there is a bit of red tape to go through first so it is worth starting this process as early as you can to make sure you give yourself enough time. A good tip too is to speak to other people who have hosted their events there and get their insights and tips.

Dressing the space

Have a think of the time of day of your event and what areas need dressing to make it yours. If it is an evening event, will you need lighting and therefore power? Do make sure you check this before signing anything! Have a think of your colour scheme and how you want the space to look, and try and imagine it when it’s full – where are the areas that are visible?

Prepare for weather

In this gorgeous country of ours, one thing that you can never predict is the weather so make sure you’re prepared for bad weather. Is there a plan b? Is there somewhere undercover you can go to? If not, could you provide umbrellas (branded if it’s a corporate one would be great!)?

Get creative with food and drink

Having an outside event creates a fabulous garden party vibe so have a think about your theme and how you can create some talking points with food and drink. Could you have a specific colour theme that runs through, or a cocktail named after the event itself or the host? Also, do try and cater for all dietary requirements if you can as that goes a long way and people remember those little touches.

Remember the power of social

A great thing about outside events is they make for some amazing photos, especially for social, so have a think about a focal point for pictures; a space where people can pose always works well and if you are hosting a corporate event, this is a great opportunity to get your branding in! Also, are there any props you can include or pass around the event to encourage people to take pics and pop online? If social coverage is a focus for the event, also think about giving your guests a hashtag to use.

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