4 April 2022

The Importance of Getting Teams Together

This year, I have definitely seen a rise in team activities and companies wanting to reward their team through shared experiences. Good leaders reward the people around them and with many people still feeling the impact of lockdown, it is not lost on many lead teams that their employees have perhaps been through the wringer.

It seems that leaders are being more insightful in their rewards and instead of a little bit more in the pay packet (which, I’m sure it still very welcomed!), they are instead wanting to offer an experience they can share together that they will all benefit from.

High on many of my clients’ agenda is wellness and wellbeing and saying thank you by looking after their staff in this way. I have many people ask me for a really special location that is in nature, beautiful and will offer rest and respite for the people that have worked so hard.

And I am more than happy to help as there are some incredible venues in the UK offering the perfect get away from the day-to-day. I recently hosted a group of eight at the stunning Lakes By Yoo which was the perfect backdrop for them to connect and relax. It feels that the days of renting an off-site meeting room with rubbish coffee and a white board are behind us (thankfully!) and leaders are wanting to reward and inspire their staff – with fantastic results.

It’s not rocket science that by doing this, leaders are cementing a great sense of respect and good will among their employees. Being thankful and appreciative goes such a long way and this in turn will create a sense of loyalty and desire to work hard so by offering a stunning location as an away day or a weekend can work wonders.

A few of the activities that I have helped organise for clients that have been really successful include:

  • Cycling – a team cycled from Windsor to Oxford and then Henley to Oxford.
  • Wild swimming – this is so popular at the moment and the people who attended the experience at Wasing Park loved their swimming followed by sauna.
  • Yoga – great for mental health and wellbeing and an activity people can do together. We also offered candle lit yoga at one retreat which was so magical.
  • Exercise classes – again, a great way to get in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

These are just a few examples, but I love working with clients to find their niche and what they love. I mean a good walk and talk in nature is one of the best things anyone can do!

Retaining and rewarding great people is imperative to business success and this should always be high of leaders’ agendas as by being in-tune with this will pay off in dividends. If you would like to arrange a special experience for your team, we would love to help you and have a big contact book of some really special locations so please do get in touch!

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