17 November 2021

Why Nature Is An Event Organiser’s Paradise

I am still recovering from a fantastic 3-day Founders Retreat for a client at the stunning Wasing Park estate just near Newbury, and I have to say it really has got me excited about future event activities. 

In events of old, activities for guests would have been things like an exercise class or a workshop of some description – which are great of course – but this time we really embraced nature and the great outdoors, and it was wonderful. 

As I am sure you have seen, wild swimming has got super popular during lockdown with people getting their swimming fix in the natural rivers and lakes as pools were closed and many have never looked back. As Wasing Park is such a stunning spot for a swim we decided to offer it as an activity, and we were bowled over with the response. So many people wanted to get involved, especially as we followed it with a beautiful authentic wood-fired Scandinavian sauna! 

I partook myself and I have to say it was such a perfect way to start the day being in nature in the heart of an ancient woodland. It really did alleviate any worries or stresses and set me up perfectly both mentally and physically for the day, even though it was a tad cold to say the least! I am a big fan of Scandinavian living and the complete love and inclusion of the outdoors and nature into their day-to-day life is something I dream about seeing people completely fall in love with this too who perhaps had never tried it before was so brilliant. 

Going forwards, I will definitely be adding wild swimming into experiences where I can and always look to offer something in line with the huge benefits nature can give us. It is not just restricted to the warmer months, as this retreat has shown, doing something outdoors if planned correctly can be an all-year-round experience. 

As we were in such a stunning location, we also thought we would have a bit of fun with our guests and organised a Segway treasure hunt around the grounds and a little cocktail masterclass which were both really loved. I love watching how the guests got really into it, had a slight competitive streak and had such good fun. 

We also offered wonderful yoga Nidra sessions one afternoon and a pre-breakfast yoga session on the last day that were hugely well received. Yoga Nidra focusses on the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the “going-to-sleep” stage and was super relaxing for all our guests. 

As an event organiser, experience is everything, and for this retreat, the star of the show really was the location, and I was determined to celebrate that fully. The best experiences are achieved when organisers really immerse themselves in the setting and think outside the box about the possibilities it holds and how they could offer the wow factor to their guests. Planning, giving yourself enough time and dreaming big always win the day!  

Even though it was an incredibly busy three days, I got such pleasure from seeing the guests have such a wonderful time and fall in love with the stunning location and all it has to offer. I cannot wait to organaise my next one!  

If this sounds like something you would love to host for your family, friends or colleagues, please do get in touch. 

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