13 October 2021

Why We All Need To Aim for Net Zero

The Countdown Summit in Edinburgh is underway leading to COP26 in Glasgow and I cannot wait to hear the speeches, promises and commitments from world leaders regarding sustainability, net zero and climate change. 

I cannot wait to hear from the people coming together for The Countdown Summit as it promises to unveil some imaginative and scalable solutions that we all need to turn the tide on climate change and create a healthier and more equitable world for all. 

As they say, a net-zero future is possible which is why the Summit is being held as a gathering for politicians, business leaders, policy makers, scientists, Indigenous leaders, artists, philanthropists, youth activists and others to organise and work together to make that future a reality. I will definitely be listening intently. 

COP26 is the headline act where world leaders will gather in Glasgow to discuss how to collectively tackle climate change. The top line aims of the conference are: 

  • To secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach 
  • Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats 
  • Mobilise finance 
  • Work together to deliver 

These are all huge asks so it will be fascinating to hear what the various leaders have to say and what barriers will be in place in order to achieve it. Even though these aims don’t obviously impact the events industry on the surface, when really thought about they are very impactful indeed.  

In the past few years there has definitely been a sea change in the events world as both organisers and clients are demanding each event to be as sustainable as possible. This goes far beyond just replacing plastic straws. There are intricacies in terms of digital footprint, having a clear transparency on your supply chain and the layers that go with that as well as researching venues thoroughly and knowing what to ask, look out for, question and change, where possible.  

In reference to the ‘adapt to protect communities’ point, this means that we have to build and maintain reliant infrastructure in order to protect our lives and where we live, and this goes down to the smallest of detail. For us, I have to ask – what could we do better? What systems does Lucy Claire Events have in place to be as sustainable as possible in order to lessen the damaging impact on our world and each other?  

These are big questions and ones I will be thinking about very carefully. So, will I swap my petrol car for an electric? Will I aim to radically reduce my travel? Will I just use British suppliers? On this last point, I am pleased to say 99% of the time I do, but it needs to be a conscious 100% going forwards.  

As a business we really need to know our suppliers and their methods of working even more than we do already and understand their values and commitment to net zero and if we can work together to achieve it.  

Lots of food for thought but we are so ready for it!  

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