14 September 2021

Top Tips For Your Festive Event

I know, I know – it seems mad mentioning the C word, but it is the middle of September and thoughts need to be had into how you will celebrate this year with your colleagues, friends and family. 

There’s no denying it – the landscape is different, and people are approaching the festive period in a different way. We are getting numerous requests for smaller parties and creating experiences rather than the bog-standard dinner and party affair, and this is music to our ears!  

When working with smaller groups, there are a lot more possibilities for us event planners as we can really get creative and conjure up some incredible bespoke experiences for you. Are you responsible for planning? We would love to hear from you about how we could help – we have a huge list of venues and suppliers as well as so many ideas to make your party and celebration one to remember.  

Here are a few tips and thoughts to get you going!  

Don’t dismiss online 

As we have seen in the past year, with some fantastic planning and a lot of creativity, online experiences can be great fun. We have hosted ‘Around the World’ challenges, wine and cheese tastings, Race Nights and other games with fabulous results. If you wanted to you could perhaps mix in-person and online? It is possible!  

Get the festive fun started with a gift box 

Gift boxes were massive last year as no one could see anyone in person. There is still high demand this year. We think they are a lovely gesture and hugely compliment your event as they get guests excited and engaged for the upcoming celebrations. They can also be sent in advance and can be themed in line with the experience.  

Go outside the box with your venue  

If you are hosting a small party, have a think about the venue and get creative! With big groups, you can be quite limited on venue choices due to capacities, but with smaller more intimate affairs, you can definitely think outside the box! We love getting creative, and have organised fantastic Christmas parties on exclusive roof tops, secret gardens, beautiful barns, boats and even abroad – so everything is possible!  

Think how you want to make people feel   

There’s no denying it, people have been through the wringer a bit over the last couple of years, and so this year Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get together, to thank, celebrate and support. People may be in different places emotionally so for your celebrations do remember this and think how you would like them to feel, what experience they should have and what outcome you would like.  

It’s all in the details! 

As with any event, the devil is in the detail and the small touches can make such a big difference and leave lasting impressions. How about creating a signature cocktail to serve guests on arrival? Or providing a surprise element such as a performance, a speech or special gifts for guests? 

Have fun! 

Christmas is about celebrating so don’t forget the fun element! People are so happy to be with each other so do focus on the human side.  

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