15 February 2021

How To Show Great Leadership Through Events

Being a great leader has evolved and changed considerably as the physical space has been removed. This has seen good leaders adapting their style, fully understanding their audiences and embracing the new way of working. 

This is not easy, and unfortunately a number of leaders have fallen by the wayside as they have kept on leading like they always have, failing to connect with their workforce and identifying what their needs and expectations are. These leaders’ shift has been virtual only and their demands, methods, output and expectations have not changed, meaning that they have lost sight of their employees and, in turn, have suffered because of that. 

But I am very happy to say, there are a lot of leaders out there who are not like the aforementioned and have altered their leadership styles for the world we are now living in and a big part of this is looking after those in their charge. 

As you know, we have been running a number of virtual events over lockdown. These are great fun, fantastic ways to let off some steam and get people together – but they are also so much more than that. 

These events are a sign of great leadership. The managers, leaders, CEOs that have come to me asking to work with us on delivering an event for their staff have one vital thing in common – they understand and are aware of their employees’ welfare. To me, this depicts innovative leadership as even though, on the surface, they are just organising a fun get-together, what they are really doing is showing their teams they are grateful, they care and that they are appreciated. 

This is a hugely powerful subliminal message to give, as allowing a platform for camaraderie, teamwork and togetherness where the ‘leader’ is not in their traditional leadership role and is at times vulnerable and on par to their team members shows someone who is confident in their role and who understands their team and its needs.  Humility and vulnerability are definitely powerful traits in leaders, especially at the moment.  

I say this a lot, but the power of events is huge and even though in-person events cannot happen at the moment, there is still so much you can do virtually. So, if you are a leader or a manager and have a team working for you, do have a think about events and how you can reward your team in this way.  

As event professionals, we ensure that your event is personal to your team and that the added touches make it hugely memorable. The corporate events we have already done, I am thrilled to say, have received some fantastic testimonials and many repeat bookings so if you are looking for a way to show your leadership and to thank your team, we’d love to hear from you. 

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