9 September 2020

Nothing Better Than Happy Clients  

I truly believe that you’re only as good as how happy your last client is so at Lucy Claire Events, we talk to our clients a lot to help us learn, improve and grow. We had a chat with the lovely Jennifer (formerly of Slalom), who we have been working with over the last couple of years about what it is like to work with Lucy Claire Events [LCE].  

In what capacity does LCE help with the events at Slalom? 

LCE assists us with the venue finding for our events. The planning team in the company figure out the type of event they would like to host, and then these requirements are given to LCE in a brief, to incorporate into their venue search. This process has had a massive impact on the planning for all our events as we are exposed to such a variety of locations and venues to choose from every time. The line of communication is always open, and any changes that need to be made are done so with ease. Lucy links you with the right people at the venue and checks in regularly throughout the process to make sure everything is going to plan. It is these little personal touches that sets LCE apart and why we continue to use them. 

 What were the deciding factors when choosing Lucy Claire Events for your venue finding? 

Lucy Claire Events is a trustworthy company that provides a high-quality service each time. The response time from receiving the criteria to having the options available is super quick and concise. Lucy is always available to answer any questions and lends a helping hand from beginning to end.  

How do you choose the location or venue for an event?  

The process of choosing a location or venue for our events starts with the event criteria for us at Slalom or that of our client. It must fit with the budget provided along with the values of the company, and whether they would prefer a larger more corporate space, or a more intimate setting. If the company is based in the city centre travel also plays a big role in choosing where the venue will be.  

How does LCE bring value to this process? 

Lucy is a brilliant creative collaborator in finding the right place and brings a great feeling of support. Our team can come along to view the venues and ask the right questions to ensure all requirements will be met for the event.  

What are the first steps you take in planning an event? 

Deciding on the theme of the event is very important. Once you know what you want the event to look like and feel, it helps when finding a space to host it 

What are your most common requirements for corporate events? 

Using a venue that allows for interaction is very important! Much of the time at corporate events, the purpose is to network and have our attendees become more familiar with each other. Using a venue that is comfortable yet provides some form of entertainment is vital. Lucy always provides us with a great variety of interactive venue ideas that that have subsequently delivered us some fabulous events. 

How do you create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere throughout the event? 

In my experience creating this environment starts with the intention. When planning, your intention is to have an event that will bring people closer together and provide an experience. Throughout the event itself this intention is very much at the core, therefore dealing with issues or last-minute changes with a level head is very important. 

What skills do you use most when planning and running an event? 

Clear thinking, motivation, organisation and creativity are the key skills required. 

What has been the best event you have planned at Slalom? 

During the summer of 2019 we planned a company retreat to The Celtic Manor Resort in Wales. Consisting of 220 employees travelling from London via various forms of transport and arriving on different days, we needed a venue that had the capacity to host everyone and provide a variety of on-site activities to entertain guests. LCE’s assistance in sourcing this venue was immense, and it matched all of our requirements. We couldn’t have done it without her expertise and venue knowledge. We were able to offer a variety of activities to guests, including outdoor picnics, golf, archery, laser tag and spa treatments, which were hugely appreciated. The event had many elements, but with a great planning team everything ran very smoothly, and the weekend was a great success.  

What attributes does Lucy have and bring to her work that you and your company have found so easy to work with, and why do you continue to use her for your venue findings? 

Lucy can connect her clients to a range of venues depending on the unique requirements that are being asked, even with varying locations. This is a huge help in providing variety and different experiences to guests at every event. The venues are great quality and professional, which fits with the corporate atmosphere. The line of communication is always open with Lucy for any questions or concerns and creates the feeling of support. Planning an event always feels like a collaboration. It is due to this that I would recommend any company planning an event to work with Lucy Claire Events.  

I worked with Lucy on numerous corporate events over the last two years and her help has made each one of them a great success. The client’s requirements are always met and the variety available is fantastic. Lucy creates a stress free, supportive relationship which makes all the difference when handling large events. Thank you Lucy! 

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