24 August 2020

Event Inspiration

Getting inspiration for events comes from everywhere and through the years, I have been inspired by anything and everything. Clients often come to us for the added wow factor and we’re more than happy to oblige, especially in the current times. 

At the moment, we are sadly hearing a lot about events being cancelled, re-arranged or significantly reduced. So, the events that are going ahead are increasingly special and unique and I’m happy to say, a lot of clients are coming to me to add that sprinkle of fairy dust. 

The best events are the ones that really have the essence of the client running through them and this can be brand values for corporate clients and personality for private events. But, at times, inspiration can be hard to find but if you look hard enough, it is everywhere. 

Many a time, the venue can be a huge source of inspiration. If you follow me on social media, you will see I have been visiting a number of new venues recently and there is a lot of commonality in terms of sustainability and a rustic look and feel. There seems to be a demand for more nature-inspired venues at the moment and earthy feelings of authenticity which allows for some truly beautiful spaces and opportunities.  

If this is the sort of venue you would like to host your event in, this rustic and earthy tone can run through the event in terms of colours, food, invitations, activities and ensure everything feels complimentary and well thought out.  

Once I know this is your preferred theme, I can then dig into my little black book and make sure I work with suppliers who can deliver on this too so that everything is aligned.  

When working with corporate clients, I always ask what their goals and objectives are for the event as they really ignite ideas for inspiration. So, for example if the objective is to inspire the team on an away day and generate great conversation and ideas, I will look for a venue that is in line with their brand values but offers great and inspiring spaces to sit, talk and collaborate.  

Little touches also can make such a difference. So for example, bringing a food truck in rather than the standard offering, creating an immersive experience in line with the theme for attendees can create a fantastic talking point, and adding elements such as themed music, colours and dress can do wonders for the mood (and create some amazing photos!). 

As always, the internet and a good old Pinterest board is a fabulous place for inspiration. I have created boards with my clients for them to add their ideas on and for us to brain dump and it’s always so interesting to see what they come up with when the creative juices are flowing.  

Adding those magic touches doesn’t have to be expensive, and they are often not, it is about understanding who will be there, why they are there and what the client wants to get out of the experience.  

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