29 June 2020

We're Better Together

In the events industry, connections, collaborations and our little black book of contacts is everything – and now, more than ever. 

With the latest news of some of the hospitality sector re-opening on 6th July, all be it with restrictions in place, the event industry can start slowly emerging again and special occasions can be planned which is, of course, music to my ears.   

However, I am definitely feeling, like so many other event professionals, a sense of caution, nervousness and trepidation of not wanting to go all-out straight away but instead re-join slowly and surely. During my career, I have always valued connections over and above anything else as having friends, confidents and allies in my sector has undoubtedly grown my business, my confidence and my abilities. Throughout lockdown, I have cherished these friendships and professional relationships more than ever. 

As we are now experiencing the pandemic aftermath (hopefully) and life may get back to some semblance of normality, the importance of connections is definitely not lost on me. The groups that I am part of that kick-start my week, that help me with dilemmas, enrich me with knowledge and broaden my horizons are a permanent fixture in my diary, lockdown or no lockdown, and my cherished little black book of freelance event managers has never been more precious.  

Throughout my career, I have been lucky to meet some phenomenal event professionals and I have a list of go-to people that I know are 100% reliable and brilliant. The Norwegian event I was charged with would not have been the success it was without bringing in a fantastic team that over-and-above delivered on brief. And knowing fellow event organisers that I can collaborate with, who share my values and work ethic is priceless (yes, Hannah Hall from Sunflower Corporation – I’m looking at you!). 

So, for me – contacts and relationships are everything and for us business owners, taking the time to create and nurture these can pay off in dividends when you really need it. Events are fundamentally about people – making people feel a certain way through experience and magic and the more of us working together to deliver that can be no bad thing.   

If you’re a business owner, I urge you to dedicate some allotted time per week to growing your network. We all think we don’t have time to go for that coffee or have that Zoom chat, but for things of value, like relationships, we need to make time. It’s a cliché but we really are better together and all of us can learn, grow and offer value.  

For me, I am always looking to learn, grow and improve and I am constantly impressed, wowed and inspired by the people in my network, and that’s not necessarily just events people, but connections from all walks of life and experience. From a time when I used to dread ‘networking’ and the awkwardness that came with it, I now cherish it.  

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