17 June 2020

Let's Get Intimate

The event world is slowly re-emerging after lockdown with a desire for smaller, more intimate gatherings to re-connect and spend quality time with those special people. But are intimate events here to stay? I think so.   

I hosted my first ‘live’ event in a while last week – a fishing day for 4 people, and I’ll let you into a little secret, I was a bit nervous! This was my first event after lockdown and my first event with these new measures. I wrote lists about lists and triple checked everything! 

I surprised myself at feeling nervous. I’ve hosted events for hundreds of people in hugely pressurised environments for many years but somehow, the more intimate ones in these new circumstances felt different.  

There was a lot to learn, think about and prepare for, and my team and I ensured we were fully prepared, so our clients had the most fantastic day. 

I am hugely pleased to say that the event went brilliantly. All the social distancing measures were checked (and double checked!) and implemented fully. We put together individual PPE packs, individual drinks boxes with beautiful gin and tonics from a local gin distiller, a delicious individually packed picnic lunch for each guest delivered by a local caterer and the views on the River Nadder in Wiltshire were just stunning (as was the fishing!). My client and their guests had a wonderful day I’m happy to say, so much so that they are wanting to rebook for next year. 

This great event has got me thinking about the rise of the intimate events in light of us not being able to host large gatherings currently. I watched this small group of guys really bond, share their thoughts and have a fantastic experience together all aided by some wonderful personal touches, even if I do say so myself! In large events, even though there is magic, there is nothing as special as a smaller, shared experience.  

I am already having some great conversations with private and corporate clients about downscaling events and how we can make them bespoke, intimate and magical. Summer is here and there are some utterly beautiful locations that we are already planning to enjoy in the sunshine.  

With the socially distancing rules predicted to go down from 2 metres to 1 metre soon, this allows for some wonderful possibilities and to re-enter the real world for a lot of us in a more intimate environment. It’s been an extremely challenging time so spending time with just a few of your nearest and dearest, or those special clients can be a lot more appealing. 

For us, we’re fully embracing and loving the more intimate events and thoroughly enjoy planning the intricate details to make them personal and bespoke to our clients – could we help you?  

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