14 November 2022

Why 2023 Needs To Be On Your Mind

At this time of year, many of us are looking forward to winding down and reflecting back on the year. But for people in events, this is one of the busiest times and we are very much on with 2023!

I am very happy to say that there are already a number of bookings in the diary for next year, with a large focus on retreats and rewarding teams, which is wonderful. There is also a large number of private parties being thrown, all with some really magical touches, so really looking forward to getting into the details of those.

From my perspective, it really does feel that in-person events are still deemed so special as a lot of us have not quite recovered from lockdown. People are going above and beyond to put on really special events with their nearest and dearest and are craving memories over things, and, as an event organiser, this is music to my ears as I love nothing more than helping create those memories.

Are you looking to host events next year? If so, I strongly advise you to start thinking about them, especially in light of venues, as a lot are getting booked up. However, there are still many incredible venues out there, if you know where to look! We are welcoming many clients to our venue finding services and we love nothing more than delving into our ever-expanding little black book to find them their perfect spot. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I spend a lot of time researching and visiting venues so I can recommend them first-hand to our clients as I get a feel for what kind of events are best suited to where.

As I said, retreats are definitely on the rise and we are seeing a number of corporate clients wanting to mix work, play and relaxation for their teams. There are some beautiful spots, many of which offer exclusive hire, and cater for all those needs as well as some pretty fab additional extras! So if a retreat is in your plans for next year, we would love to chat and help you.

What is so special about events is that they truly are unique to the people hosting them and the people attending, and no two events are the same. They are such a special way to celebrate, thank, immerse and create a wow factor and, in my opinion, should be part of every business’ marketing strategy. So, if you are forecasting, sorting 2023 budgets and looking ahead, I really urge you to have events very much part of your plans.

In terms of private events – do you have a big occasion coming up next year, or just fancy getting people together? If so, we would love to help you. As well as venues, we have so many incredible suppliers in our little black book for all requests and needs so do hit us up and let’s make sure 2023 is a goody!

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