28 April 2022

Making Events As Inclusive As Possible

Inclusivity seems one of the big buzzwords that is flying around the events industry at the moment. Here at Lucy Claire Events, we are constantly striving to make our events as inclusive as possible and I don’t just mean in terms of diversity, but inclusive in terms of accessibility, reach and hosting. Let me talk a bit more about each:

Hear from many voices

In order for events to be as inclusive as possible, the team putting them on needs to be as inclusive as it can be and enriched with many different people from varying backgrounds and experiences. What is great is that I can dip into my wealth of contacts and gather a diverse group to help formulate an event when needed. This allows me to have their invaluable thoughts and insight. On the flip side, if your event features speakers or panels, really do try and represent as many differing voices from varying backgrounds as possible as that will hugely enrich your guests’ experience.

Don’t be afraid of virtual

I am hugely aware that by hosting in-person events, this does not always mean they are as inclusive as I would like. Having a physical event does put up barriers of entry for some people with the travel, time away and cost of getting there, so I am fully open to offering online options and solutions where needed. This, in turn, opens your event up to a national and international audience allowing a wider and more diverse scope of people to attend.

Accessibility and sustainability

When I visit possible events spaces, these two things are very much at the forefront of my mind as if a space is not accessible for disabled guests then I often don’t use them. Alongside this, their green credentials need to be strong and I always ask what their sustainability policy is – with mixed answers at times. If a venue is committed to being sustainable and are making inroads to do that, then it is a huge factor for me recommending them.

Speaking to your audience

For many events, the best insight you can possibly get is from attendees and asking what their needs are to check you are meeting them. Being asked and allowed to input is huge to many people, who perhaps need specific things for an event to work for them, as it makes them feel valued and heard.

Sharing is caring

Organisations that talk openly about inclusivity and the steps they are taking to be as inclusive as possible often reap the rewards. Even if you haven’t got it 100% right yet, your audience reacts positivity to you desiring to be as inclusive as possible and doing everything you can to be so. 

Inclusivity enriches

Lastly, it is always worth remembering that by shining a light on diverse and varying people and stories really does enrich your brand and your company. It opens up pathways for alternate thinking which can lead to new working practices and experiences. Challenging the status quo and putting yourselves in others’ shoes when organising events can often lead to some incredible experiences for all involved.

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