12 January 2022

Why Use An Events Planner?

This is a question I get asked a lot and it’s an understandable one. On the surface, events look pretty easy don’t they, but often the complexities and details only become apparent when the person organising is too far down the line, which can lead to excess stress and worry and, in worst cases, not enjoying the event altogether. 

Years of experience as an event and party planner has taught me that memorable events take time, effort and experience. Yes of course anyone can organise an event, but can they organise a great one? It’s like saying anyone can throw some lunch together, but will it be the best lunch?  

What I will say is repeat business is common in my industry. Once people have used an event planner, they very rarely go back to doing it themselves! This is because the time, energy and stress we have saved can be worth their weight in gold, and that coupled with our little black books brimming with venues, suppliers, special touches and magic goes a long way. 

We work with a number of private and corporate clients and there are big similarities in their requests. Many ask for the event to be unique and memorable. Now, let us think about the words unique and memorable for a moment – they are big words with even bigger expectations. And, as the person who is being paid to deliver on these requests, I need to know what I am doing and draw on my experience to really understand what these words mean to this client. 

For example, a private party to celebrate a special birthday could be hugely memorable due to the fantastic venue, or the little touches like personalised gifts for the guests or getting to know the birthday person’s tastes to conjure up a few surprises. Whereas, for a corporate event, it could be classed as unique if the room is set up differently or if the way the networking is organised is something the attendees have not experienced before. 

The key here is knowing the client and taking the time to understand their interpretation of these words and deliver on that. I often draw on years of experience to do this and have been there and got the T-shirt, as they say, and know first-hand what works really well.  

However, I never rest on my laurels! I am constantly looking for new venues, suppliers and thinking of ideas on how to deliver the most inspiring events. This has been hugely apparent over the last year in the new digital world and being as up to date as possible on the technology for events that is constantly hitting the market. 

It will be interesting to see what events will stay digital moving forwards and what will exist in real life, and if there will be an equal balance. After all, from a time and budget perspective, there is a lot to be said for staying online at times, but there is nothing as magical as an in-person event.  

 We would love to hear from you if you would like a reliable and creative pair of hands assisting you in delivering a special event for you!  

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