11 December 2020

When Women Support Women, Amazing Things Happen

As we are nearing the end of 2020, I am reflecting on the amazing women that have been a pivotal part of the success of Lucy Claire Events this year and I wanted to take time to showcase them and publicly thank them here!  


Natalie Guerin, Pebble  

Natalie has helped so much with my systems and processes, as well as looking at the numbers and ascertaining the profitability of events and where I should focus. We have brought stuff from my head into print, so everything is consistent for each client which has been great. Natalie has been a super sounding block and always has some pearls of wisdom to share and, aside from business, she has become a very good friend and is always happy to listen and chat through things. She always puts others first and is hugely efficient and conscientious in her work. 


Karen Campbell, Karen Campbell Marketing 

Karen is a wonderful cheery person who keeps me on the straight and narrow with my marketing on a daily basis! She can write my blogs in 30 mins when it would take me days and weeks!  

Karen looks after my mailshots and social and she’s super to work with and has taken away all the marketing that I needed to do and left to one side as other things took priority. 


Lisa Seymour, Spoken 

Lisa runs Spoken, a fantastic web design agency based in Brighton who designed the new look Lucy Claire Events brand and website.  

I started working with Lisa initially with an amazing brand workshop with Emma Mills-Sheffield where were really looked deep into my business and the type of audience I had, and therefore how to speak to them. Lisa and her team did a brilliant job re-designing my website that really showcases me and my brand ethos – they brought to life my brand, all with a touch of magic, and have used beautiful, earthy tones in my branding to bring the countryside in, as it plays such a big part in my life and work. Lisa is such a warm, wonderful and caring person and is super to work with and so creative and knows her branding and website design so well! 


Emma Mills-Sheffield, Mindsetup 

Emma runs Mindsetup and is a professional coach who works with companies and individuals on their structure, prioritisation, focus and ‘getting shit done’! 
She is both massively practical and hugely wise. It is her wisdom, knowledge and in-depth experience that has been vital to my thinking, planning and vision for my business. Over the last few months, she has galvanised my focus, positivity and energy, which is a super feeling, and I can’t thank her enough. Outside business I hugely value her friendship and ongoing support.  
A huge thank you Emma for everything you do! 


Yolande De Vries, Yolande De Vries Photography  

I recently had some new photographs taken for my website by the hugely talented Yolande De Vries. I hate being in front of the camera and I was pretty nervous about the session, but having Yolande at my side was just amazing as her calmness really helped me. Yolande is so talented and makes it all look effortless and puts you so at ease while creating the best shots that really portrayed me, as me. I was so thrilled with the end products so a big thank you Yolande! 


Nikki Bareham, Eden Enterprises

Nikki was with me at the beginning of my business owner journey and was very instrumental with the growth of Lucy Claire Events. Based near Bridport in Dorset, Nikki provides digital marketing support in Dorset and the south and I have known her since my first days as an event manager when we worked together at Cavendish Sporting. I learnt loads from her, and our friendship blossomed. Nikki is a wonderful person to work with who is fully supportive and such a positive person to have in your team. She always thinks of others and her knowledge, advice and support has been invaluable.  

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